Where's Elspeth?

Locations for Elspeth, your Naturopath

Welcome to my website!

I'm Elspeth, and am here to serve you and assist your journey towards good health and wellbeing. My treatments are evidence-based, as well as observing the experiential effects through history of the benefits of treatments. I will do some simple, non-invasive tests to determine the most effective means of assisting resolution of your health problems.

Do I do herbs? Yes, after eliminating any possible drug-herb interactions
Do I do nutrition? A resounding YES!! We are what we eat - rubbish in, rubbish out. I'll help you find out what the rubbish is, so we can replace it with healthy, nutritious, yummy options. After all, if it's not tasty and appealing visually, who wants to eat it?
Do I do nutrient deficiency replacement? You betcha. That's where some of the testing comes in - detecting nutrient inadequacies. This includes mineral analysis
Do I do environmental toxin detection and elimination? Yep!
Do I do flower essences? Yes - these work on emotional balance
Do I do aromatherapy? Yep. Aromatherapy and flower essences work together brilliantly, as you'll discover if you have a persistent wart, for instance
Do I keep up to date with the latest information? Definitely - attending workshops and seminars to remain cutting edge is crucial for both you and me!
Do I reassure? Absolutely - and actually listen to you
Do I refer if necessary? Of course, Moreover, I'll keep your doctor in the loop
Do you get interesting recipes, menus and lifestyle advice? As often as required or desired. Go on my contact list for recipe and menu updates
Do you get newsletters? Yes - every 2 months(hopefully - been slack lately) They'll be emailed to you - just go onto the contact list
Do you get birthday discounts? Naturally! It's your special day
Do I do specials? Every month there is something new - stay tuned and save
Do I offer early evening appointments so you can call in after work? YES!!!
Do I do Saturday appointments? Yes, but on request only

See me at:

Elspeth Vines
40 Station Street
Mount Eliza 3930

Opening hours:

Tuesday 1:00 - 6:00
Wednesday and Thursday 09:00 to 6:00
Other days (never on a Sunday, please), Saturdays and Tuesday mornings by appointment only