Care Commitment Compassion

A sage leaf, bay leaf and mint leaf reflect the interaction between diet / lifestyle, herbs and nutrition. Garden herbs such as these are easy to grow, hardy, decorative in the garden and on your plate, make wonderful tisanes and savoury additives to your cooking, satisfy your taste sensors and add medicinal benefits for many concerns you may have. There is always the satisfaction of picking fresh herbs from your poterie (kitchen garden) as you need them, organic and kissed by the sun.

How I Can Help You

Elspeth at Graceful Living Naturopathy offers you assistance and education in achieving a contented state of health, following the principle that, given favourable opportunities, your body can be encouraged to self-heal to varying extents. The enhancing of wellbeing is through consultations, during which areas requiring amendment are identified. Dietary, mineral and nutritional recommendations are integral, together with possible herbal remedies, lifestyle tweaking, and the all important area of food as medicine. Flower essences and aromatherapy are also offered, for you, your garden and your pets.

Mind, body, spirit, including social and environmental contexts, are explored where relevant and individually managed, so that you, as a unique person, can most fully live your life.

Areas of specialisation include ageing gracefully, weight mnagement, the perimenopausal years, and chronic disease management via optimal nutrition and lifestyle. Children and youth - you're always welcome, with several ways available of assisting the management and resolution of your skin conditions, respiratory complaints or anything else that bugs you. Infertility, preconception, pregnancy and post-natal health are other vital areas of interest.

Elspeth attends seminars and workshops regularly, to maintain cutting edge knowledge. Skills applied to you are evidence-based, according to current scientific and naturopathic research, while incorporating traditional experiential efficacy where required.

All consultations are at a rate of 30 minutes for $60, except for initial fact-finding sessions which take an hour for $120 and the second one, which is $70, to cover routine testing costs performed during this appointment including Hemaview. 
Mineral analysis and full laboratory testing, such as complete hormone profiles, are additionally available on request. Pensioners can enjoy a 10% discount. 

3 weekly appointments initially are recommended, as follows:

     1st appointment:  Your story (I listen!!)
     2nd appointment: Clinical testing/assessment
     3rd appointment:  Your treatment commences
     Then as required

Specials Just For You

  🤪🤪  Autumn Special  🤪🤪

Detox programmes for 6-8 weeks at 20% discount. This discount rate applies to all our programmes; detoxing is always a good way to prepare for winter, summer or life changes. All programmes include Hemaview live blood analysis 😀😀

See me at 0430 329 895!

Hemaview sessions for always part of a testing consultation, a great way for you to see your blood in real time! This is  remarkable clinical tool which will truly enhance and fine-tune your health management as we perform follow-up Hemaview sessions to assist in assessing your progress