Flower Essences


What Are They?

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and our own Aborigines used flower essences. Medieval Europeans also incorporated flower essences in healing practices, and together with aromatherapy oils and herbs, many avoided the Black Death.

Flower essences are a form of psychosomatic vibrational medicine, working on an energetic level in the body to assist correction of emotional and spiritual disharmonies. These disharmonies hinder convalescence and recovery from illness and can cause disease states. Chronic fear and worry deplete vitality and resistance to illness, since body, mind and spirit are interconnected. For example, Bach Flower Remedies address 38 negative states of mind, including ADHD, worry and grief.

Flower essences available from Graceful Living Naturopathy comprise combinations of Bach Flower Remedies, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Living Essences


What Can They Do?


Flower essences energetically resonate with recipient chakras, enabling self-healing. They may unblock psychological ‘brick walls’, end undesirable behavioural habits or traits, and assist in establishing new behaviour patterns and attitudes. Restoration of peace and harmony induces a return to health and strength, together with attention to an optimal diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

Since flower essences do not interact with any medication, they are completely safe, internally and externally. They may assist management of any emotional state or physical condition, and are ideal for babies, children and their parents, as well as your plants and animals. Flower essences can greatly benefit seedling transplantation into the garden, or your nervous pet. People, pets and plants can experience an affinity with a particular appropriate essence for their condition. You will find that external applications are best on acupoints, which will be explained by your Naturopath.

Flower Essence Principles

Flower essences do not require regimented dosing, but can be taken as required, even every 10 – 30 minutes in acute situations, such as exam time or during panic attacks. Best results arise from a holistic approach, with flower essence use together with other appropriate medical care. Preventative flower essence administration may maintain psychological and subsequent physical wellbeing.

As you regain harmony, your flower essence formula will be altered accordingly. During treatment, the 'Hering Effect' may occur. This is when aggravated symptoms may surface temporarily as emotional or psychological 'onion layers' are relased. Flower essence formulation alterations are thus necessary to address these effects and thus ease the transition to healing and harmony

  • Stages of flower essence therapy:           
    • Release, relaxation, rejuvenation
    • Realisation, recognition
    • Reaction, resistance, reconciliation
    • Renewal, reconstellation
  • Flower essences adversely affected by pollutants, including EMR (radiations eg mobile phone, power li)
  • No effect may indicate:           
  • Psychological dependence on an illness/condition
  • Wrong time for healing
  • Other contributing factors to a condition need considering, eg lifestyle changes
  • Rejection of remedies
  • Impatience for healing

Flower Essence Temperaments

BFR (Bach Flower Essences):
Gentle, simple English cool climate essences

ABFE (Australian Bush Flower Essences)/LE (Living Essences):
Sunny climate promotes stronger, powerful essences, imbuing Australia's wise, ancient energy

Some Applications
Animals, both pets and wild animals
Aromatherapy - add to massage oils and burners
Flying               - negate adverse air travel effects
Hospitals         - HRT alternative in Europe and South America
                           Can assist in lowering cholesterol
                           Palliative care
Landscaping - Plant flower essence plants in your garden for 
                          harmony and healing
Plants             - Assist seedling and plant adaptation to
                          transplantation shock
Sprays           - Enhances classroom learning and diminishes
Can be combined with other healing modalities
Useful adjunct for depression, anxiety and insomnia




25 ml Bottle






4 drops

2-4 dr/10 min-qid

4 drops/glass

5 dr/bath

6 dr/500 ml


7 drops

7 dr bd

7 dr/glass bd

7 dr/bath

Direct app


3-6 drops

= 70 dr (phys)

1 dr/2h

6 dr/ ½ glass bd

20 dr/bath

10 dr (baby/foot bath)

20 dr/250 ml (spray)


Direct app


Sheoak is a wonderful female balancing Australian Bush Flower Essence. It maintains hydration and augments ovarian balance. Some hospitals use it instead of HRT - much safer!!