Let's Look Locally

Hi, everyone!

I'm Elspeth, a Naturopath on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. I practice at Mount Eliza, as well as catering for you in your own homes around this area. Local home visits don't carry a surcharge; however there is a small one for petrol if you live more than 20 km away (only $10).

40 Station Street
Mt Eliza 3930

A huge advantage is an out-of-hours service on Tuesdays to Thursdays - great if you're working. The latest appointment is usually 5:30 pm, but arrangements can be made if necessary. I can see you on Saturday mornings if this is the best time for you, but by appointment only!! Parking is available in Station Street or Victory Place. 

Mornington beach - safe, beautiful, and uncrowded, even in summer!