Underpinning Good Health with Good Nutrition

Good stuff in/good stuff out. Garbage in/garbage out. We've heard these sayings, and they're certainly applicable to nutrition and health. No matter how many herbs we consume, or how much exercise and clean living we employ, if we're snacking on fast food frequently, all that good work is undone! Moreover, our food sources are crucial for good health. Is our meat grain-fed or preferably, pasture-fed? Are our fruits and vegetables organic or better still, home grown? See Newsletter Vol 1 No 2 for more ways to shop wisely.

Our health can still be compromised no matter what we do - those genetic tendencies again or micronutrients lacking in the food chain. Mineral therapy can address these deficiencies and radically improve well-being. The classic example is magnesium for stress management. We often don't need much, particularly of trace minerals, but if we don't get even that little bit, our vitality suffers. Plants need trace amounts of boron, for instance, and so do our bones. If you are perimenopausal and thin, seriously think about bone health for a sturdy future. 

At consultations, be prepared to (honestly!) analyse your daily food habits - the results can surprise you! I'm never mean, although I may indulge in a bit of tough love.

A flowering globe artichoke - too late to pick to eat, but leave it to look pretty, dry the flower and use in a different flower arrangement. Globe artichokes are great for the liver and bile production (and taste yummy)