May Specials

Graceful Living Naturopathy is at 40 Station Street in Mount Eliza. In recognition of the friendliness and guidance of Mornington Peninsula Chiropractic Centre, also known as The On Button, all clients of MPCC / On Button are entitled to 10% reduction of consultations and products. Make the most of this fantastic offer to you!

Coughs, colds and flu are here! We stock plenty of cold and flu remedies, so please phone to pick up something to help shorten cold and flu durations! All remedies are quite safe and suitable for all ages.
Check out our ongoing monthly specials, offering discounts, gifts, complimentary services or exclusive packages. Keep an eye on this website for details

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Pleasant surprises are a treat, no matter how old or young you are! You'll be amazed how (relatively) nice I can make your herbal mix taste!!


Cold and flu special month at 10% discount for immediate, affordable relief

Winter travel packages, for the sun or snow, at 20% discount

20% off preconception, Detox or weight loss programmes.

Mt Eliza - the place to be this Winter. Enjoy a walk when it's sunny and a picnic in the Mt Eliza Regional Park; fresh air and exercise can only add to your beauty

Skin care for beauty

Meditree is a gorgeous skin care newbie, specialising in low-allergen skin care rich in Australian indigenous plants. Not expensive! Already loved by many, including me, so give it a go

Weleda skincare is organic and rubbish-free (and feels great on the skin)Choose between:

Calendula       - nappy rash cream (no nasties)
Almond          - for youthful skin
Iris                 - for problem skin
Pomegranate  - for antioxidant power
Rose               - for mature skin (a kind way of saying we're revealing our life experiences - make sure yours are good happy ones)
Cellulite pack

Tisserand aromatherapy lifesavers are available:

De-Stress Pack (we all need this one!)
Sleep Pack
Travel Pack 

Rose, buckthorn or lavender body lotion
Lavender hand and nail cream
Rose, lavender or teatree deodorants

These exquisite skin care products are available from Graceful Living Naturopathy

Iris versicolor (not this one but hey, it's still an iris) is great for skin blemishes, as it cleanses the lymphatics (drainage system in your body), so wonderful in a skin cream for acne, eczema and psoriasis. Also smells really nice

Detox in Winter


Detoxing, or rejuvenating, is a great way to overcome pig-out kilos, winter sluggishness, frequent colds and flu, muscle aches and pains, grumpiness, feeling not-quite-right, or to assist in alleviating allergies, hay fever and headaches. Detoxing is recommended at the change of seasons, to eliminate environmental toxins accumulated during the last few months, quite apart from getting over those holiday excesses!!

Detoxing will also help you quit, by replacing chemical toxins with wholesome foods and cleaning up your gut and body. Detoxes also comprise a liver detox, helpful to this poor organ that bears the vital job of reducing the toxic load introduced into our bodies every day as a result of living in the 21st century, and especially after excesses!

Programmes last 6-8 weeks. You can pay as you go, or commit to a package that substantially reduces the total cost, so don't leave it too long - your clingy Winter wear is waiting!!

Winter special:  
20% DISCOUNT;  this INCLUDES consultations 🤪🤪🤪

A solitary walk on a deserted beach is so relaxing, and the perfect accompaniment to a rejuvenating detox. This photo was taken on a July holiday at the Prom

Competition for 2015


I've been composing a recipe book for ages now, and need your help!!   🤩

Send in your favourite healthy recipes (as yummy and nutritious as possible) to my email address. All selected recipes for the book will go on line (with your permission), and the best in each category (appetisers, mains etc) will receive a prize. Think whole foods, Paleo, vegan, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern for a start. If you're local, you can drop the recipe in to me at 40 Station Street, Mt Eliza. Just mark it 'Attention Elspeth'.

It was nearly finished, when my laptop finally shuffled off this mortal coil with (literally) a bang, so back to halfway through ...

Let's create a fantastic recipe book by you for you!   😀😀😀

Lobsters - they really don't need the cream. Enjoy sauteed in coconut oil with a zingy rainbow salad and an organic Pinot or Rosé wine

Metabolic booster

In these days of toxin overload, from environmental and dietary toxins, our cells become cluttered up with junk and prevent effective energy conversions, nutrients entering cells effectively, and metabolic competence. One reason is that many toxins are hormone disruptors, affecting our thyroid, adrenals, pancreas and reproductive hormones just for a start

A homoeopathic metabolic reset is warranted if you suffer from fatigue, an inability to lose weight or keep it off, thyroid problems, fertility concerns, autoimmunity, arthritis, anything chronic at all, gut problems, immune concerns or brain fog, anxiety or depression. That's really just about everything isn't it?

During winter, our metabolic reset programmr is running at 20% discount. What a marvellous opportunity to restore foundational body balance! It's also a no-brainer, so book an appointment to commence this programme. We'll start with Live Blood Analysis and an assessment for body acidity, the driver of anything chronic 

Healthy and happy - don't forget our basic need for company and social interactions to alleviate depression and loneliness