Where to buy GOOD food locally

Here are some shopping tips for nutritious foods found on the Mornington Peninsula

Farm gates: Check out local ones for you, such as Peninsula Organics at Baxter. Organic seasonal fresh food at very reasonable prices.
Brookfarm Bar:  Tully's, Moorooduc and Palamara Village Fruits, Mt Eliza
A delicious gluten-free, wholesome Byron Bay muesli bar without anything artificial added. Approx $7.30 for 4 bars
Whole pumpkins:Tully's, Moorooduc
A little over $1/kilo. Whole pumpkins are best for pantry storage; refrigerate once cut
Rare organic seeds, seedlings and locally grown dining experience:
Diggers, Heronswood, Dromana. Support them, especially since the January fires which greatly affected their property.
Kapai Puku:Palamara Village Fruits, Mt Eliza & Tully's, Moorooduc
Vacuum-packed mixed seeds full of nutritious content. $14.95 for 450g, with all the seeds you need in one pack. Keep in the fridge. Also comes as sports bars, now upgraded to include dark chocolate pieces and cranberries, so even more delicious!
Australis tea range: Don't Panic, It's Organic, Mt Eliza
Fabulous tea range incorporating Australian indigenous foods. Try the Kangaroo Green Chai! $5.00 - $5.95 teabags
Pukka tea is appearing in several supermarkets, delis and green grocers. Well worth a try, as the ingredients are beautifully balanced, enabling each one to be savoured without dominating over the others. The Green Chai is amazing.
T2 of course - available in many stores. Yummy.
Explore Asia bean pasta range: Don't Panic, It's Organic, Mt Eliza
Black bean pasta, ideal for stir fries
Mung bean fettucine, ideal for anything!
Both pastas are organic, gluten free and protein-rich. $4.95/pack
Organic, freshly baked cakes: Don't Panic, It's Organic, Mt Eliza
Wickedly good dark chocolate coated dates are at Palomara green grocers, Mt Eliza.
Felafel chips (perfect with hommous): Palamara Village Fruits, Mt Eliza, and Don't Panic, It's Organic, Mt Eliza
Chilli hommous: Don't Panic, It's Organic, Mt Eliza
Moorooduc farm produce: Tully's, Moorooduc

Diggers specialise in organic and old-fashioned varieties of fruits and veges that are sadly absent from supermarket shelves these days. They need encouragement after their unfortunate suffering from the January fires.