With your metabolism restored and your body in balance, walking can be a regained pleasure

What's new down at the Station?

Apr. 24, 2014

Food Sensitivity Testing

The most recent addition to GLN's repertoire is IgG food sensitivity testing! The chief benefit is the ease and short time of performance of the test.

The kit is in-house, requiring only a pinprick of your blood. No pathologies or waiting 2 weeks for the results! The test merely takes 30-40 minutes to achieve results; you can wait or obtain them at your subsequent appointment.

The food sensitivity kit tests for 48 foods and beverages, giving answers for some of those symptoms that may have been foxing you. Give it a go (appointment only)

20. Jun, 2015

Metabolic rebalancing

I'm using more homoeopathics these days to reset the biological clock, simply because they work! They're also absolutely fantastic for acute colds, flu or injuries. Hubby tore his leg open on a broken stair and homoeopathy fixed it without any scarring in 6 weeks. They are ideal holiday companions for health maintenance